Afghanistan Digital Collections; Afghanistan Digital Library; Afghan Center at Kabul University and University of Arizona Librariesبازدید: 112

Afghanistan Digital Library; Afghanistan Digital Collection; Digital Repository; Digital Repositories; Afghan Digital Libraries | Employing Afghanistan | Listing jobs with andبازدید: 121

Our goal is to end unemployment in Afghanistan and coordinate all jobs in Afghanistan moving side by side with acbar and

 مرکز کاریابی افغانستانبازدید: 3

مرکز کار افغانستان که یک نهاد غیر دولتی میباشد توسط گروه از جوانان خدمت کار این سرزمین تاسیس شده و در زمینه کاریابی های مدرن به یک روش بی نظیر برای تمام اقشار جامعه..

 Darakht-e Danesh Libraryبازدید: 126

Free and open educational resources for Afghanistan

 KhalidLemar | Welcome to Our Storeبازدید: 1

Khalid Lemar multinational technology company that designs develops and manufactures smartphones smartphone accessories software and online services.

  Asan Khedmat Afghanistanبازدید: 1

Asan Khedmat is a one-stop shop for public services based on the ASAN Services concept of Azerbaijan. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Government of Afghanistan and the Government of Azerbaijan provides that the ASAN Services will provide technical support in all aspects of this..
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