Afghanjaal Reputation Services Provider افغان جال ارائه دهنده بهترین سرویس های هاستینگ و طراحی وب سایت و نشرات در افغانستانبازدید: 3

Afghanjaal(AFG network) Solutions is leading provider of web hosting VPS hosting dedicated servers satellite broadcasting online broadcasting for radio and TV and web development in Afghanistan شرکت افغان جال افتخار دارد که میزبان صدها مشتری رضایت..

 فهرست افغانستان شرکت های اقتصادی - تجارت و بازار در افغانستانبازدید: 6

شرکت های فعال در افغانستان و تجارت افغانستان و اقتصاد افغانستان و بازار افغانستان و فعالین افغان و سوخت در افغانستان و مالی افغانستان و معرفی دیگر بخشها

 Sharq Universityبازدید: 3

Sharq Institute of Higher Education enables each student to become broader in perspective more literate ethically more sensitive and to participate and support wisely the process of community development through various educational programs creation of an enabling environment for communities to..

  Habib Gulzar Motors Limitedبازدید: 1

Habib Gulzar Motors Limited abbreviated as HGML is Toyota’s official representative in Afghanistan. We have been a Toyota 3S dealer (Sales Services and Spare Parts) since 2005 and have obtained registration from the Afghanistan Government under the license number 5973.We are offering quality..

 ولسی جرگه - شورای ملی دولت جمهوری اسلامی افغانستانبازدید: 2

ولسی جرگه - شورای ملی دولت جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان

 Smart Business Magazineبازدید: 93

BM is a pioneering online and printed Magazine founded by Zaeem Amini. The aim of SBM is to encourage investment and economic development in Afghanistan by delivering valuable insight advice strategy and being a bridge between entrepreneurs and investors. By sharing the success stories of Afghan..

 Geo built survey and engineering companyبازدید: 82

Geo built is an Afghan local company which is located in Kabul doing business  in surveying and engineering services 

  سلام پوهنتون | کابلبازدید: 90

پوهنتون سلام، توسط شماری از استادان مؤمن وهدفمند که درپوهنتون های مختلف داخل وخارج کشور به کار تدریس مصروف بوده اند، تهداب گذاری شده است. پوهنتون سلام، که دروزارت..
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